Writing a proposal

The first thing you'll do for the reproducibility challenge is write a proposal and form a team. We can help you with that (you'll get an invitation to a survey once you fill out the interest form), but here are some things you'll want to think about.

Choosing teammates

  • What are your strengths?
  • What areas would you like to learn more about?
  • How many hours do you plan to be able to commit to the challenge?

Writing a proposal

  • What interests you and your teammates most?
  • How will you assess "reproducibility"?
  • What kinds of statistics will you perform?
  • Does the paper you chose have figures that seem relatively tractable to recreate?
  • Can you extend the inference of the paper? What other unanswered questions might you be able to ask and address?

Content of the proposal

  • Less than half a page
  • Includes:
    • Paper title
    • Proposed reanalysis
      • Software needed
    • Location of raw data
    • Number of samples to be analyzed
  • Some information might be included about division of labor and timeline of deliverables
    • This may also be discussed with your mentor


You don't need to reproduce all of the paper, nor do you have to analyze all of the data. You can choose a subset of either the data, the analysis, or both. Try to be clear about that in the proposal, but adjusting later is also fine. Be sure to communicate with your mentor.